2016-02-12 03:13:17 by SilverClear

I gotta fucking post something to NG.

Update, I guess

2015-03-08 17:22:44 by SilverClear

I haven't really posted anything on this account for over a year, so here's this.4558389_142584975512_Turk_Face.jpg

SUPER RoomEscape FunTime

2013-12-20 12:41:08 by SilverClear

My brother uploaded a new game called SUPER RoomEscape FunTime. Go play it. www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/630562


2013-12-15 19:05:03 by SilverClear

Man, when was the last time I made a post? Any way, I'm on devaintART now. My username is CoolGuyZool. I will post art on here and there. Catch ya later! :D